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What is a Pet Taxi?

What is a Pet Taxi?

What is a Pet Taxi?

A simple Google search for “pet taxi” can seem straightforward, but the term can mean a few different things. Are you looking for a carrier for your dog or cat? Are you wondering if there is a pet-friendly taxi service in your area? How about a taxi or chauffeur just for your pet?

Most people who land on the Leash website are looking for a way to transport their pet locally. It makes sense, as oftentimes pets aren’t welcome on public transportation and Uber or Lyft drivers might not always allow dogs or cats in their vehicles.


How does a pet taxi work?

Along with the rise of Uber and other rideshare options, there’s a new option for pet owners in transporting their animals – pet taxi services. Pet taxis are pet-only rides to and often from a single destination.

How it works depends on the pet taxi service you use. At Leash, you can schedule a ride for your pet directly from the website. Soon, you’ll be able to pull up an app to schedule a ride, just like you would another rideshare service.

The driver will pick up your pet before the appointment, and if requested, will arrive early to spend some time getting to know your dog or cat before the ride. The driver will then ensure your pet is safely secured in the vehicle through a checklist of safety features for all Leash rides.

When arriving at your pet’s destination, the Leash driver will notify you that your pet is checked in with the appropriate people. You’ll also receive a photo of your pet at their destination.


What you should know about hiring a pet taxi

When it comes to a pet taxi, there are a few different options in most U.S. cities. Sometimes, a vet or groomer will offer a ride service directly. These can be really handy if you want to save yourself time but still ensure your pet gets to a necessary appointment.

Other times, there might be a local person offering to drive pets within a certain distance.

Whether you’re using a specialized pet taxi service or a ride from a pet services business, here’s what you should consider before booking a ride.

· Is the ride guaranteed?

If you’ve gone through the steps of booking a ride for your pet, you want to make sure the ride will actually show up on time. Using a single-driver service or even a shuttle can present some issues in the event the driver gets sick or is otherwise unable to take your pet that day. Does the company have a backup plan?
At Leash, we have several trained pet drivers on standby, ready to drive your pet.

· What equipment will they use to keep my pet safe?

There are no regulations in terms of the kind of equipment pet taxi drivers are required to use to keep pets safe. In fact, only a handful of states have any laws requiring pets to be harnessed in a vehicle – whether driving with their owner or someone else!

If you expect your pet to be safely secured when someone else is driving them – which we recommend! – then you may need to ask probing questions when booking the ride.

At Leash, safety is our top priority. Dogs always wear a harness and are securely attached to a seatbelt. Cats and smaller dogs always ride in carriers to ensure the safest ride possible.

· Is the driver experienced enough to drive my pet?

It’s always important to ask who will be driving your pet when booking a pet taxi service. Just like how there are hardly any legal requirements to driving a pet, there are no driver requirements to transport other people’s pets.

While not legally obligated, all Leash drivers undergo certification from the USDA, in addition to other training. This ensures they are as knowledgeable as possible while on the road with your pet.

Leash drivers are also trained to handle many temperaments. If a driver deems an animal is a danger to his or her safety, or is showing aggressive behavior, they reserve the right to cancel the ride.

· How much will it cost?

The cost of a pet taxi can vary depending on the type of service you’ve requested, the length of the trip and other factors. For reputable pet transportation companies, quoting a price should not be an issue.

Many pet owners also often add on a tip for their driver if they feel their pet has been taken care of.

At Leash, ride fares are based on mileage. The Leash base fare is $10 for 0-3 miles and $2 for each additional mile, plus any applicable state and local taxes.


Is using a pet taxi worth it?

It’s really simple to use a pet taxi service, like Leash, to drive your pets to and from appointments. Many pet parents’ concerns are put at ease with the safety measures, transparent pricing and top-notch drivers.

If you are looking to get more time back in your day while also ensuring your pet is getting to and from the appointments they need, a pet taxi is a great option.

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