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Do you need a pet taxi service?

Do you need a pet taxi service?

Do you need a pet taxi service?

If you want more time back while also making sure your fur baby gets to and from all of their important appointments, a pet taxi service can be a gamechanger.

Pet owners have gone through a lot in the last few years. Many were interrupted from their normal schedules during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Most then found they could spend more time at home with their fur baby. New habits were formed and a lot of pets got used to having their owners around more.

Taking your dog or cat to an appointment during the day was less of an issue because there was no commute home from the office. Now, many companies are calling employees back into the workplace. With less remote work, a lot of pet routines have been disrupted.

In addition, with everything opening back up – people are just busier.

There are options to ensuring your pet continues to make it to their appointments while you’re at work or otherwise busy, including a pet taxi service.


What is a pet taxi?

A pet taxi service is a great way to transport your pet locally. When it comes to a pet taxi, there are a few different options in most U.S. cities. Sometimes, a vet or groomer will offer a ride service directly. Other times, there might be a local person offering to drive pets within a certain distance.

If you opt to use Leash, the driver will pick up your pet before the appointment, and if requested, will arrive early to spend some time getting to know your dog or cat before the ride. The driver will then ensure your pet is safely secured in the vehicle through a checklist of safety features for all Leash rides.

When arriving at your pet’s destination, the Leash driver will notify you that your pet is checked in with the appropriate people. You’ll also receive a photo of your pet at their destination.


Who is using a pet taxi?

Given searches for the term “uber for pets” have skyrocketed in recent years, it’s safe to say a lot of people are needing a safe and reliable ride for their pets.

There are many different reasons why a pet owners might need help transporting their pet, including a busy schedule, a disability, retirees or the elderly. Often, someone who typically takes their pet to a scheduled appointment might have an issue arise and they just need to use a pet taxi service one time.

Whatever the circumstances, pet taxi services are on the rise to help anyone needing a ride for their pet.


Why should I choose Leash as my pet taxi service?

We may be biased, but we are confident we will be the best option to drive your pet to and from their appointments. Here’s why:

· Safety is the top priority

There are no national standards to transporting pets. This means there are next to no requirements for a pet taxi service. At Leash, we set high standards by making sure the best equipment is used.

Dogs always wear a harness and are securely attached to a seatbelt. Cats and smaller dogs always ride in carriers to ensure the safest ride possible.

We also place extra emphasis on the training of Leash drivers. Every driver undergoes a thorough vetting process – which includes dog handling, safety tests, phone screening, and background checks.

· Booking a ride is convenient

At Leash, you can schedule a ride for your pet directly from the website. Soon, you’ll be able to pull up an app to schedule a ride, just like you would another rideshare service.

Leash accepts all major credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

· We love all dogs and cats

Many of our drivers have worked as veterinary technicians, shelter volunteers and the majority have been lifelong dog owners and caretakers.

Our drivers are trained to handle many temperaments. If a driver deems an animal is a danger to his or her safety, or is showing aggressive behavior, they reserve the right to cancel the ride.

Whether or not you’ve considered booking a ride with Leash, pet taxi services are on the rise across the U.S. As more pet owners discover this convenient service, expect more options for getting your pet to and from their appointments.

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