The safe, reliable way to get pets where they need to be.

Professional Pet Drivers. Experienced & Vetted.

We have processes in place to ensure the safety of both your pets and their drivers.

Professional Pet Drivers. Experienced & Vetted.

We have processes in place to ensure the safety of both your pets and their drivers.

Trust and Safety

Your pets are your family. So it is perfectly understandable you want to know who is driving your pet when booking a pet-only ride with Leash. All Leash drivers are thoroughly vetted, pass a background check and are USDA registered, so you can have peace of mind every time you schedule with us!

Driver Profile
Driver Profile
Before your pet’s ride, you’ll see your driver’s profile, complete with a photo and contact information. We want you to know who is driving your pet!
Pick-Up & Drop-Off Instructions
Pick-Up & Drop-Off Instructions
As a pet owner, you can provide the drivers with specific pick-up and drop-off instructions so there is no confusion about your pet’s needs.
Driver Verification
Driver Verification
Drivers wear a Leash name badge so they are easily recognizable, and you will be given their license plate number to confirm your pet’s ride.
Everyone Buckles Up
Everyone Buckles Up
Dogs wear a harness and are securely tethered to a seat belt buckle, while cats always ride in their carriers with Leash.
Ride Notifications
Ride Notifications
As a pet owner, you will receive ongoing trip notification, including photo verification when your pet has arrived at their destination.
Customer & Driver Support
Customer & Driver Support
No matter the issue or question, our customer support team is here 24/7 for you and the drivers. Simply call or text 844-563-8486.

Our 10-Point Driver Verification Process

In order to qualify as a driver with Leash, prospective drivers must meet the following minimum qualifications:


Professional Pet Experience

Current or former pet care experience or significant rescue/foster volunteer experience is required of all drivers with Leash.


Background Check

Pass both a comprehensive nationwide criminal database search and motor vehicle records search.


Valid Driver’s License

Submit proof of valid driver’s license.


Driving & Experience

Minimum age of 23, and have a minimum of 3 years of driving experience.


Vehicle Qualification

Own a four-door vehicle, not more than 15 years in age (2008 or newer). Nothing against oldsmobiles–but safety features have come so far in the last decade and a half.


Registration & Insurance Verification

Provide valid proof of vehicle registration and insurance.


Complete Leash Driver Training Course

Training must be completed by the driver prior to driving Leash customers.


USDA Registered

The safe transportation of animals is overseen by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). As part of our commitment to animal welfare, we ensure all drivers with Leash are properly registered with the USDA and regularly update their registrations to ensure compliance.


Drug & Alcohol Policy

Abide by our zero-tolerance policy regarding the use of drugs and/or alcohol while driving.


Maintain Good Driver Rating

Maintain a good driver rating with Leash customers. We check in after every ride and make sure our drivers are delivering the best experience for you and your pet.

Interested in becoming a driver with Leash?

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